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2005 Baltimore City Fair Reunion

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We're working on a short history of the Fair to post here. If you think of something that should be included (and not too embarassing to anyone we love) then send me a note and we'll see about including it.
Check out the first page of history: a list of the fair sites and the chairmen.

Here's a picture of most of the people who were at the event on September 24 in Druid Lake Park. Put the mouse over the faces to see who it is. And if we made a mistake, please send me a note and I'll fix it right away.

Kerch McCOnlogueTom MobleyYvonne LanseyJoan MobleyJim LangeLouie FringerDonna SwansonRandy HerbertDonna SwansonJohn HowardKathy HowardElaine SchwartzCincy RomeoJimmy SchwartzVickie BringmanMike MarquaLew BringmanChris KempaMarsha R.B. Clark SchachtelFreddy HerbertLeslie MarquaMark ApplebyDoc HurleyPeggy DrakeDave LanierRandy CarrollWes HairstonMike GaskillJacqui LampellDavid PayneLannie TaliaferroTommy McConloguePriscilla LanseyTeresa PayneDoug ApplebyMark Appleby's GRANDdaughter! Yikes.. how can any of us be that old??

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